October: Month 2


The story so far…

The race for technological superiority has begun and many races have come out the door swinging. In the ruins of an old imperial city a squad of Necrons scanned through the ruins trying to upload information from ancient sources. They ran into the ravenous forces of the Tyranids. They shot down what they could but the swarm came from beneath and overcame them before they could prepare. The Death Guard marched forward through a dark station trying to find communications to relay to their forces on the ground. They came upon a room they believed to be where they needed. However the Tau were already there trying to link up their own systems. Fighting broke out, the superior strength of tau weaponry and the small space helped them overcome the resiliency of the forces of Nurgle. While they retreated they ran into the ancient race known as the Eldar. Not ones to let the younger races wield such technology they sent a small team to manage the station. They overwhelmed the Death Guard even more than they already were, reducing their presence on the station at this point to nothing. However down on one of the nearby planets the Tau forces did not fare as well on open fields against the Death Guard. The smog was blinding. The disease and smell put filters to the test. Finally the slow but painful march of the Death Guard over took them.

Not ones to pass up a good fight the Orks heard that a proper scrap was brewing. Forward scouts of their army encountered the bearers of the Emperor’s holy word. The Sisters of battle. They gave prayers and sent bolter rounds hurling into the Orks. That did little to turn the horde away though; they flooded over them as only the green tide could. They called for a retreat to warn the future forces of what they found in this dangerous enemy. Finally on the other side of the planet from the sisters were the forces of the Adeptus Custodes. Few in number they encountered a grouping of Iron Hands. The captain tried to approach to see what they were doing, next thing he knew he was being riddled with shots from the cold unfeeling force. His troops tried to rally to him but to no avail. They got out a short message before the last of them fell, warning their brothers of the actions of the Iron Hands this day.


With battles breaking out everywhere footholds are starting to be made. Tau are establishing communications. Tyranids now control some vital Intel. Orks are brawling and calling for more to join. The fight goes on and on. Now forces want to build up their respective zones and create lines of supplies and communication.

Warhammer 40,000 Month One rules:

Each player will continue with the roster they started of 750, it will now be expanded to 1000. You may replace up to 250 points from your old roster as well. Games will be played at 750. You can change list up in any game you play from your roster.

Mission: Supply lines

Players will roll off. Winner of the roll off gets to decide if they’re the attacker or defender. Defender sets up 4 objective tokens. 2 are allowed to be in their starting zone. The Defender scores 1 point at the end of each of their turns for each objective left not controlled by the attacker. The attacker scores 1 point at the end of each of their turns for an objective they hold, or they can burn the objective to score 3 points.

12″ deployment. 

Warhammer Kill Team Month One rules:

The core, elites, and commander books can all be used here.

Your Roster will contain 20 people in it. You’ll be allowed to make 100 point teams from that 20 man roster.

Characters can level up per the leveling rules in the core rulebook. Characters that die will be out but can be replaced.

Mission: Disrupt Supply Lines (pg. 52 Core).

Please report all results to Louis and Josh at The Vault.

You may also turn in any short story/narrative about your army/kill team/ or game that you would like to.