Vault Access is a Premium yearly subscription program to give subscribers extra benefits beyond the Vault Hunter rewards. These subscriptions are a great way to support the store while getting more bang for your buck.

Mug Club $20

  • Get Exclusive etched glass mug in support of The Vault
  • Free water from our cooler, just use your mug and get your water
  • Free fills on Drinks during events where 2LT and Solo cups are used

Vault Access Basic $60

  • 5% off all purchases
  • Exclusive E-mail Offers
  • exclusive membership card (different cards every year)
  • Free “The Vault” T-Shirt
  • Access to exclusive Vault Lock-ins
  • Free premium RPG accessories Access
    • Store Minis, Mats, RPG Terrain, and Digital Battle Board
  • Free Monthly Paint Station Access ($10 Value)
  • Free Entry into one Store Campaign ($35 Value)
  • $5 off one event every quarter (3 months) ($20 Value)

Vault Access Premium $100

  • Everything in Basic
  • +5% off all purchases (10% total with basic)
  • 15% off special orders (instead of usual 10%)
  • Name on the Supporter’s Wall of Fame
  • Access to private channel to discuss and vote on upcoming Vault Tournament Formats
  • Free access to Mug Club ($20 Value)
  • 30% discount on monthly storage access ($72 Value) (COMING SOON)
  • $5 off one event every month (instead of every quarter) ($60 Value)
  • 20% off Monthly comic/book subscriptions (~$24 Vaule)