Complete Overhaul

We have decided to relaunch the store in the next month or so with a new name and a new overall feel. We have seen that the local gaming community has been amazingly supportive of Vault Thirteen and because you, the community, have been referring to Vault Thirteen as simply “The Vault”, that is exactly what we will officially call it as well.

We have also decided, instead of labeling ourselves as just a store doesn’t seem to fit what we have going on. We will be rebranding ourselves as a Gaming Lounge. That doesn’t mean we won’t still be carrying your favorite products, but what that does mean is our focus is on continuing to build up the gaming community by giving you a friendly and open environment to come learn to play games, catch up with friends, and just hang out, without feeling pushed out or pressured into spending money on things you don’t want.

As always, your continued support of The Vault is greatly appreciated and we hope the dice and cards are forever in your favor!

See you on the table!
-Overseer Lou

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