These rules are in no particular order but are all enforced
to the best ability of the staff. Each rule lists what the rule itself is
followed by the actions the staff will take then the rule is broken.

  • Theft – Any stealing of Vault-Thirteen’s or another’s property
    • This will result in Law enforcement being notified, Your face and any other lawful data will be posted in the store, and you will be banned from the store and any other future locations FOR LIFE! There will be no second chances.
    • If you have the urge to steal, please speak with us instead. We have systems in place to help players get what they want/need without the need to steal. Don’t risk your privilege of a play space just for a five-finger discount.
  • Safe and Drama Free Zone – When you enter this store, leave ALL your drama outside. What we mean by this is simply this store is a place for play and fun and your action affect the people around you. Act in a manner you would if you were interviewing for your dream job.
    This includes but not limited to:
    • behavior that hinders another’s fun and/or sense of safety. We understand that competition can sometimes be frustrating, but this does not excuse you for unnecessary outbursts.
    • Vocal abuse against another’s Sex, Gender Identify, religion, political standing, skin color, preferences or even clothes
    • Any unwanted contact, physical or vocal. If an individual obviously does not wish to talk to you or does not wish for you to touch them, that falls under this category.
    • As this is a broad category, so are the punishments. A warning will be given out where seems fit followed by removal from the store, a week or greater suspension or even lifetime bans.
  • Hygiene – Self-care is important not only for your own health but also for the people around you. We understand that sometimes you come here after work and can’t always be at your best but we cannot have individuals who do not take time to properly care for themselves as this puts others at risk as well.
    • Failure to take care of yourself will result in your removal from the store for the day or until you do take care of yourself.
  • Special Orders / Pre-Orders
    • An order sheet must be filled out before we place any orders on your behalf.
    • Special orders are paid in full
      • Special orders that are not paid are considered requests and will be fulfilled at our discretion if at all.
    • Pre-orders are paid at least 60% and will only be held 48 hours after release. After which the item will be placed up for sale to make up for the other 40%. The amount paid will be returned to you in the form of store credit.
    • Items paid in full will be held for up to a week. We cannot hold your items forever.
    • by putting money down on a pre-order, you are guaranteeing you are getting the item. No refunds will be given if you decide you no longer want the item.
  • Returns
    • No returns accepted unless it’s a manufacturing error or a used device does not work at all.
    • Devices and games are tested in store prior to being sold.