September: Month 1


In the center of a star system known as Galarr is an ancient observation and defense station. The technology that made it is far advanced from many of the races that are currently known. Even the more technologically advanced races such as Eldar and Necrons do not fully understand the station.  Rumor started to spread spanning multiple galaxies of a new dangerous weapon found within the star system. Every race is now sending a presence big or small to investigate. Some are sending forces for other purposes however. Orks for example love the chance at a big fight and the Tyranids see a buffet unlike one they’ve had in quite some time.

While recon teams and armies search the different planets. Smaller kill teams have taken to securing key parts of different planets, and more importantly have docked into the station to try and control it. If any one race can gain understanding and control of the station then surely it can lead them directly to where they need.

Warhammer 40,000 Month One rules:

Each player will have a roster of 750 they can draw from. The games themselves will be 500 point battles. (Roster sheets should be created)

Each of these values will rise in the coming months. 

As you build your force you’ll be allowed to swap things out in your list based on what’s in your roster.

For month one the battle plan will be take and hold. Each player will be able to place an objective in their deployment zone and there will be a third in the center of the board. The objective in your own zone will be worth 1 point at the end of each round, the one in the middle will be worth 2, and the one in your opponent’s zone will be worth 3.


Warhammer Kill Team Month One rules:

The core, elites, and commander books can all be used here.

Your Roster will contain 20 people in it. You’ll be allowed to make 100 point teams from that 20 man roster.

Characters can level up per the leveling rules in the core rulebook. Characters that die will be out but can be replaced.

The mission for month one will be “Recover Intelligence” on page 58 of the core book.


Please report all results to Louis and Josh at The Vault.

You may also turn in any short story/narrative about your army/kill team/ or game that you would like to.